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Halton Baby Friendly Initiative

Formed in 2002 as a recommendation of the 2002 Halton Infant Feeding Study, the Halton Baby Friendly Initiative (HBFI) is a community alliance that strives to protect, support and promote breast feeding in the Halton community through facilitating the implementation of the Baby Friendly Initiative. Community agencies, health care professionals and interested members make up the administrative body that meets on a regular basis to discuss ways in which to continue to achieve their goals concerning breast feeding. These goals include increasing the initiation, duration, exclusivity and importance of breastfeeding in Halton; develop partnerships, networks and collaborative strategies with health care organizations, health care providers, consumers and multisectoral organizations in Halton; increase awareness and understanding of the positive environmental impact of breastfeeding among residents in the Halton Region; develop and implement a communication and marketing plan utilizing a community wide Breastfeeding Policy to educate about the principles of BFI.  Membership is open to those wanting to promote the Baby Friendly Initiative.
The Halton Baby Friendly Initiative has illustrated success with the 2007/2008 Infant Feeding Study, and have been recognized nationally through the Halton Baby Friendly Initiative model of support and education promoting the normalcy of breastfeeding through establishing common messages for health care professionals across the Halton health care system.
With education, support and a culture accepting breastfeeding as the way of feeding a baby, the vision of breastfeeding being the norm for infant feeding in Halton will be achieved.
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